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What we do

Accenttech advises organisations based on software and hardware strategy that facilitates the integration of data throughout the enterprise. We provide a full complement of network technologies as well as outsourcing services for managing business, offices and information system operations. Accenttech consultants provide credible information regarding any signs of a problem that might put your investment at risk. You may need to know whether the problems are related to administrative, personnel, financial, market or product difficulties and how the problems can be solved.

How we do what we do

We work with organisations across the world to deliver technology and innovation to meet the challenges of a changing world. Accenttech believes that strong strategies must be based on deep understanding of industries, and that when it comes to implementation, one solution or approach does not fit all industries. Our in-depth industry understanding is a decisive factor in designing the best strategies and solutions, with many of our consultants having direct industry management experience at senior levels. Our consultants are trained to concentrate on facts rather than opinions, and looks at causes rather than symptoms. We sort out the problem, clarifying what it is and what is not. There is the flexibility of spending enough time to subject complex situations to close and systematic examination and resolving problems into key elements. We use this process of identification and dissection to facilitate the orderly arrangement of information gathered, which may be present in a confused state, into logical arrangements, as a result promoting understanding and pointing the way to an appropriate decision. Communicating a precise structure and terminology to our clients makes evaluating problems within a clearly defined framework.
Managing Director Accenttech, LLC