Brand Strategy

To most people, brand is reputation, service and a promise that isn’t reneged on. To prosper, businesses must show how their brands can improve the quality of life. Credible brand promises always rely on a clear and effective communication of what a brand stands for and an understanding of how people respond to the brands they come into contact with.

Drawing out the emotional power and the value of the asset – what the brand represents to a business, and the promise – what the brand represents to a customer, is a central preoccupation at Accenttech Media. Here, dedicated teams work with organisations to confirm or identify the intrinsic value and personality of a brand – its effectiveness and usefulness, as well as the emotions it evokes. This helps us to develop or refine the brand’s position in line with changing markets and customer habits.

Naming is often the most important element of a successful brand. Strong names capture the personality of a brand and can communicate meaning and messages both imaginatively and commercially. Many names have fallen by the wayside, but others such as Amazon and Google have gone on to become iconic. Companies always need names to describe their new or changing organisations, business units, products or services. Accenttech Media has developed naming protocols for generating names and creating rationales that demonstrate the intrinsic merit of a name, its brand, cultural and linguistic fit, as well as its legal availability. The ideal name works well within an existing system of names, is accepted by customers and employees alike and will grow assets for the business.

Brands develop and change over time. Brand managers often need help with making sense of a portfolio of brands, which can baffle employees and customers too. Accenttech Media is an expert at sorting out these kinds of problems at all corporate levels. We review brand assets, clarify brand relationships, and establish migration plans and guidelines to keep things on track. We can also make the new architecture more visual so that everyone can see the benefits of clearer, joined up brand communication.