Mobile and Wireless Services

In an increasingly mobile and global business world, delivering products and services cost-effectively and efficiently is a business priority. Challenges including project mobilization, collaboration, and widespread delivery of information demand reliable connectivity and access to data where workers are, not where the data exists. Achieving this can be both costly and time-consuming. Solution Wireless services have quickly become the cost-effective solution for use at venues including airports, seaports, and trade shows, and to support emergency efforts at disaster scenes.

As businesses recognize how wireless connectivity can increase their productivity and improve the quality of customer service, IT organizations will face greater demands for wireless connectivity in the enterprise. While wireless networks have become common in homes, airports, and coffee shops, enterprises must address a variety of business process and technology requirements, including the security of company and customer information from outside attack.

With Accenttech Corporation® Wireless Services, you get:

* Infrastructure readiness assessment

* Technology architecture planning

* Procurement expertise to secure low costs on hardware and software purchases

* Service management to help you with incident and request management, incident monitoring, and remote device support

* On-site services to provide technology upgrades, hardware break/fix services, install/move/add/change services, and redeployment services

* Distributed services that help you manage devices, security, and hardware/software inventories

With Accenttech Corporation® Wireless Services, your organization can benefit from:

* Wireless support for applications where mobility and real-time data access are essential

* Affordable extension of an existing network when it is not practical to install cabling and dedicated circuits, or when flexible, mobile access solutions are required

* Greater network-to-network and user-to-network capabilities

* Minimal incremental costs for upgrades, enabling you to meet current demands with a robust, flexible infrastructure

* Rapidly deployment—usually in days, not weeks

* Leveraging of existing network investments to streamline operations, deliver information quickly to workers, and enhance services to customers

* Higher service levels and customer satisfaction