Technical Support and Maintenance

Accenttech LLC consultants establish a thorough understanding of business software and hardware, and are constantly abreast of any developments in information technology. Our organisational structure is designed to meet the information needs of all participants in any integrated system. Our team consists of emerging technology consultants that are able to think, plan, and apply data in a logical manner, as well as assimilate and analyse information gathered quickly. We have a wide range of skills and experience on offer to our clients.

Personal qualities of effective communication and demonstration skills form the basis of our practice. Each consultant is trained with a high level of information technology qualification required for area of specialisation.

Business leaders challenge IT organizations to prioritize technology investments according to those that can deliver measurable business results. Success in an interactive environment goes beyond technology to include cost benefit analysis, benchmarking and best practices, identification of process change, and anticipation of organizational requirements.

Accenttech Corporation offers two digital strategy consulting solutions—45-Day Digital Strategy and Digital Strategy Risk Assessment—that integrate key business metrics and tie them to an organization’s P&L statement. These solutions enable IT teams to accurately set expectations with business sponsors. 45-day Digital Strategy. Over a 45-day period, the investments most able to generate defined results are identified and prioritized. This strategy includes: * Comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of industry best practices * Analysis of internal processes * Evaluation of existing technology environment * Assessment of organizational structure

Once completed, the 45-Day Digital Strategy positions IT teams to increase the role of technology in pursuit of business goals. Digital Strategy Risk Assessment. The Digital Strategy Risk Assessment employs a scorecard to prioritize IT initiatives that offer the greatest potential to achieve a business’s defined objectives, and to identify areas of risk. The scorecard leverages years of experience helping IT teams succeed.

Enterprises invest in IT to enable operational efficiency, revenue generation, and business growth. Yet often, IT investments fail to deliver promised results. Accenttech Corporation’ skilled teams have the experience and expertise to shape enterprise-wide architectures that address a variety of business challenges. We can help your organization identify and implement strategic priorities and technologies that enable the development of capabilities to support cost controls, revenue generation, and business growth. Your organization’s enterprise architecture is the framework for IT that supports your business strategy and helps achieve business objectives. Let Accenttech Corporation help you with: * Enterprise architecture blueprint * Software selection * Data and database architecture * Process integration

Pressure to tighten technology budgets drives organizations to examine both discretionary and non-discretionary information technology expenditures, as business leaders demand objective facts about their IT expenditures’ effectiveness and value. Accenttech Corporation has helped companies of all sizes measure the results of IT initiatives against strategic business priorities. Through our business-driven IT strategy methodology and supporting analysis tools, we provide valuable insights to executive stakeholders.

Our strategic ICT assessment combines applications and infrastructure evaluations with business strategy development to help our customers improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, drive revenue, and cultivate growth. Applications and infrastructure assessment: All components of your information technology are scrutinized to ensure compatibility and efficiency, and to identify areas for potential improvement and growth. Our comprehensive applications and infrastructure assessment evaluates: * Applications architecture * Applications technical and functional capabilities * Data architecture * Hardware components * Infrastructure technical and functional capabilities * Networks, databases, and applications Business strategy development: Comprehensive industry knowledge, market insight, and operational expertise, combined with business analysis, support business strategy development, which includes: * Senior executive coaching and facilitation * Business capability review * Financial analysis and management * Organization structure, governance, and human performance assessment * Operations and service management * Change programs and projects

In the cost-conscious business world, an understanding of the complete cost of a technology-based business solution is essential. But assessing the total cost of a project can be tricky. Pilot programs can mask the expense required to increase functionality or rollout across an enterprise. Conversely, pilots that require steep initial investment may derive their true value from low-cost add-ons as implementation goes forward. What will a solution cost, and how much functionality will an investment yield? Where will costs be most significant—in hardware, software, training, maintenance, or other services? What can be deferred, and at what cost? Solution Accenttech Corporation® Total Cost of Ownership Analysis has been designed to answer these questions. The TCO Analysis helps eliminate hidden costs and surprises. Our years of experience in designing knowledge and information-based solutions enable us to identify key issues quickly and comprehensively.

The TCO Analysis provides a side-by-side comparison of the total cost of ownership associated with all valid solution scenarios. Tradeoffs between different implementation scenarios, and the differences in total costs associated with each, can be evaluated in context. The analysis looks at the entire project plan, from pilot to phased subsequent rollout(s) in stages. It illustrates how costs can be minimized at a defined point, yet yield improvements in deployment and functionality. And by taking a holistic view of your solution and enterprise, the TCO Analysis gives you useful information for determining how to leverage existing expenses and plan a strategic rollout. The TCO Analysis is delivered as a live document, enabling you to modify its spreadsheets as the project matures and to perform what-if analysis. And it can be integrated with the ROI Analysis, enabling you to project levels of return on investment at each stage of investment.